Mistakes Graphic Designers Do

There are plenty of opportunities to showcase your creative side and grow your business at the same time. Creating graphic content does not have to be scary! We’ve put together some of the most common mistakes graphic designers should avoid.

1. Too Many Colors

A lot of creatives still do this mistake because it is a common misconception that the more colors you add to your design, the better. However, when not used properly, it could distract the viewer from getting the message. So it is important to us colors properly and here are a lot of ways to organize your colors. For example, you can create your color palette to control your colors. A good color hierarchy is also important since it guides the viewer on what to information to see.

2. Too Many Fonts

Again, a common misconception designers think is that the more fonts you have, the better. Fonts should guide the reader on the information you’re trying to give. Too many fonts can cause confusion and makes your design look sloppy. If you try to study infographics from big companies, you will see that they use two to three fonts most of the time. This is because the primary objective of fonts is to make you content easy to read. In this context, font pairings is a good way to organize your fonts. There are also pre-made font sheets online you can base from.

3. Too Many Elements

Design Elements such as pictures, vectors and so on should complement each other. These elements should not be the main focus of your design rather acts as a support to guide the viewer on the message you’re trying to convey. Not unless the main focal point is an illustration or a picture, elements should be placed strategically to prevent distractions. Sometimes the simpler, the better.

How do you avoid this mistakes?

By learning and observing other professional graphic designers, you are able to see techniques that they use. It is also recommended that you study the foundations of graphic design. Don’t worry! A lot of resources and classes online about graphic are given for free. Thus, creative work is continuous cycle of learning, the more you learn, the more effective you are as a graphic designer.

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