Earn Money as a student

Broke Student Tips: Earn money online as a student

Running out of resources to pay some of your student fees? Or do you want to buy something for yourself without asking your parents? Then here are some ways to earn money online as a student without conflicting your study schedule.

1. Be an online tutor

Online tutoring is a trend nowadays. Since a lot of students refer to online materials due to the limitations of online class, some of them have will have trouble in understanding certain topics. Thus, an online tutor is necessary to help students cope up with topics they don’t understand. You can be an online tutor by selling your services through Facebook or Twitter since these are the two major social media platforms students use nowadays.

You can even create courses online that you can sell to people in your spare time, so you don’t have to find moments in your schedule for face-to-face sessions.

2. Sell your notes

If you don’t mind sharing the notes that you’ve taken during your classes with other people, then you can sell them for a little extra cash online. You can choose the price that you want people to pay for your insights. This is basically a reward for you for listening during lectures. There are trustworthy sites where you can sell your notes and earn money online as a student like CourseHero.

3. Apply for Online Surveys

There are dozens of market research companies recruiting new members from around the world to fill out surveys. Some of these research companies will even pay your for your time and input. But be careful! Many aren’t legit and never pay out. Every site has a limited number of paid surveys each month per person. To make money doing surveys and earn serious rewards, sign up to as many survey panels as possible. Thus, if you want to apply for these surveys, click here to see the best paid online survey website.

4. If you are a creative, sell commissions.

Having an “artsy” profile is a trend nowadays and a lot of students will even pay you to create a customized avatar for their social media profiles. You can also make commissions for someone else. Say it’s for a gift or for special someone. All you need is talent.

5. Get A Part-Time Gig

If you can design websites, write blogs, or simply help out with basic administrative tasks like answering emails, then you could be in demand. Check out sites like Fiverr to get started and see how much you can earn online. You can check our post to see websites you can apply for an online gig.

6. Sell Online

From custom stickers, korean foods to thrifted clothes, there a lot of things you can sell on an online marketplace. An example of an online marketplace is Facebook. Some even host an online bidding through facebook live. You can simply manage these transactions through Direct Messages (DM). All you need is a DM then you got money!

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